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Hello Deviantartists!

As the title indicates, I am looking for an artist to draw a spaceship for a Mass Effect fanfic I am in the middle of writing (yeah, I know... I take my hobbies seriously!).

The fic is set 50,000 years after the events of Mass Effect 3, following the so-called "refusal" ending that was introduced with the Extended Cut DLC - where refusing to choose between the three colour-encoded endings leads to everyone in the galaxy dying. 50,000 years in the future, the time capsule of Liara's recording is discovered by an avian-looking alien species.

Linky's here if anyone cares:…

Anyway, so the ship. As mentioned, it is a ship made by an alien species of avian origin. It is a frigate of ~150m in length, intentionally designed to aesthetically resemble a bird. Going by what I've written, this is what it's supposed to look like: Large wings (which are really not that useful in space, but great for atmospheric flight), and even a tail (the tail is a series of "feathers" made of a translucent material, which is mostly used for core discharge after FTL flight), white and gold in colour. Anything else is up to you, only thing is that the general look of things like the engines and weapons should have some resemblance to known Mass Effect ships (i.e., the Normandy, and possibly other Systems Alliance and/or Turian Hierarchy ships) :)

Usually when I try to get commissions I aim for ~$100 budget, give or take, but I have _no_ idea what normally is charged for this kind of vehicle/inanimate object design. If you usually do this kind of thing and charge more, then please say so. Or less :D

Since this happens every time I ask for a commission: I'll probably not respond to all PMs with offers/prices, but they're welcome and I _will_ read them all; will update the thread once I've closed the deal.


Not about anything really. I don't do much in terms of posting art =0

However, we'd be much obligued if you check out the online novel we're putting here:

While not particularly great (it's a NaNoWriMo project), the hope is that at least it'll entertain.

We're trying to fill the site with artwork from various commissioned Deviant artists ^_^

For starters, the wallpapers can be found here: :)


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